Sunday, 31 July 2016

New in beauty bits and mini reviews

So i decided this month that i was gonna start being a bit more inventive and daring with my skincare and beauty. It was time i mixed things up a little and dabbled in some new products. So after popping to my local Superdrug, Boots, Mac and Estee Lauder counter, i was happy with my purchases. It's good to try new things and find out what works and what doesn't, otherwise your favourite product of all time might stay unknown. Plus its good to share and that's what i have decided to do with you guys today. So without any further babbling from me let's get into the products and what i like or dislike about each one. 

So first let's talk about the Mac bits i picked up. A couple of weeks back i went to a wedding reception and i decided to get my makeup done by one of the Mac makeup artists. I wanted a rose gold eye, natural glowing skin and a nude lip. The look was great, but i was in such a rush i never got a picture, typical me. Anyway the bits i decided to buy from the look were these little beauty's.

I decided to pick up the mineralise skinfish in Soft and gentle. And yes i know i'm late to the party on this one but  it really is beautiful. I hadn't really invested in a highlighter until this one so i knew i needed this in my makeup bag. Its a gorgeous shimmered highlighting powder with tiny flecks of glitter and rosey tones. Overall i think the colour is a champagne shade and its stunning, add this to your cheekbones and brow bones and your ready to glow!

I also decided i wanted to start my own eye shadow quad. The lady mainly used mythology all over my lid and its such a gorgeous colour that i know i'll wear a lot so i thought it was the perfect colour to start with. Again with the rose gold tones, and glitter, can you tell i love a bit of glitter!? But still a very wearable colour and i have been wearing it lots since. 

Next up is some new skin care by Nip + Fab . This is a skincare brand i have heard lots about over the blogging community but hadn't seen in the shops. When i spotted it in my local boots i decided to pick some bits up. 

First product in the range i decided to try was the 'Dragon blood fix pumping serum.' The serum says that the formula includes Hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, velvet flower which enhances moisture and dragon's blood to comfort and restore skin hydration. Now as i have mentioned before my skin needs all the moisture and hydration a girl can get, so that's why this sounded right up my street. I have been applying it day and night for the past week and so far so good. my skin definitely doesn't feel as dry in the mornings which is always a bonus. I feel like i need to keep using this to see some more results, but for someone that has oversensitive skin to most things, this is a good Start. 

The other product i decided to try was the 'Kale Fix moisturiser', This moisturiser is enfused with lots of superfood goodness, the list of ingredients include the likes of kale, watercress and almond oil, along with aloe vera and shea butter to provide long lasting hydration. Again i have tried this day and night for about a week now and i'm currently very much on the fence with this product. At night this is perfect leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, but its quite a sticky consistency and the smell is a bit odd. For the mornings this means my makeup doesn't always sit very nicely underneath it and can make my overall face of makeup quite sticky and shiny. However i will keep going and see how i get on with it. 

Next up a new lip colour and this one is from Tanya Burrs new beauty range the 'soft luxe' collection. Me and a friend decided it was time we tried out a product from the range and what better then a matte liquid lipstick, as they are all the trend right now. 

The shade i picked up was the famous 'Martha Moo' named after her adorable mini dachshund Martha. It is a beautiful pinky brown colour that seems to be all the rage at the moment. The colour is so pigmented and you only need a very light coat of this to inject your lips with colour. I find this has been perfect for an evening out or special event as it stays in place all night. However for me i just found it to be a little drying on my lips for all day every day. I suffer from very dry lips anyway so this might not be the case for everyone else. But still, i am glad i now have this in my collection and i will continue to wear it on occasions or nights out. 

Last but not least, and definitely my favourite by far, is the absolutely gorgeous Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume and its safe to say i am obsessed. It is just the most beautiful summer scent and indeed it does a good job of making me feel goddess like. The notes of the perfume are a mixture of   amber, coconut milk, vanilla, juicy mandarin, pulpy orange and many many more. I will definitely always want a bottle of this on my dressing table forever more, and 100% recommend you go and have a spray at the counter. You wont regret it. 

So there you have it, quite a long post so well done if you managed to get to the end. Let me know of any beauty products you have been testing and would recommend, as always i love to know. Hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


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