Sunday, 7 August 2016

Hello kitty Afternoon tea @ cutter and squidge

So clearly it was time again to head to london and stuff our faces full of cake, tea, biscuits and scones. This could only mean one thing, and  after seeing countless youtube videos and bloggers visiting cutter and Squidge (great, great name) for afternoon tea we had to try it for ourselves. Now i say afternoon tea, but it isnt just any afternoon tea no no, a hello kitty themed tea, hosted in a basement that had been transformed into a secret garden, *jaw drops*. It truly was scrumptious. Cutter and Squidge is found in Soho, London and is super sweet and small. When we arrived we were given little Hello Kitty wristbands and taken downstairs into the basement. It was decorated beautifully and dressed with Hello Kitty stickers, false leaves and flowers, and little marble tables. One word...Adorable.

We were each given a pink lemonade and a choice of four teas; Apple pie tea, English Breakfast, Lychee peach tea and Earl grey. My friend Kate was daring and went for apple pie, i did the classic and stuck with what i know best, English breakfast. They were served in little tea pots and did not disappoint, i even tried the apple pie tea, which was really different. It had a slightly spicy cinnamon kick. We were then given the five tiered platter of yummy treats to dive into, and boy was this gonna be a struggle to get through, even on an empty stomach.

We started off with the savouries. Cucumber and cream cheese, hummus and pepper, cheese and red onion, and salmon and chives mini sandwiches. My favourite was by far the cucumber and cream cheese and not because it was shaped like Hello Kitty I promise. Oh and i forgot to mention not only was there enough food to easily satisfy your stomach, everything including the drinks was unlimited, so if something took your fancy there is no need to worry about asking for more. 

Next up were cheese scones, with a cream cheese and red pepper dip. They went down a treat, they were very rich in flavour and the mix of dips were great together. We also had coronation crackers,  something a little oriental.  Personally we weren't overly a fan of these but if you like that flavour then i'm sure they would be lovely.

Now on to the sweet treats, the first little basket included a vanilla cookie, strawberry milkshake biskie and a chocolate brownie. These were all accompanied by both a dark chocolate dip and a matcha latte dip, which was definitely different and very sweet. All were delicious but the Strawberry milkshake biskie was my favourite. Two mini cookies with a creamy textured strawberry mixture sandwiched in the middle. Yummy.

Next up we had lychee Hello Kitty jelly, pink lemonade marshmallow, cake truffle and strawberries. The jelly was a lovely sweet refreshing flavour but quite an odd consistency, but the cake truffle had to be the winner. You know when your baking a cake and decide to cheekily dig into the left over mix. Well imagine that in a truffle form with chocolate, yep..Delicious.

Last but not least and i know we were struggling at this point, we were given a chocolate mud pie and an apple pie mousse with a little bow biscuit. I personally don't like apple flavoured things, however Kate dug into this with a smile on her face and it didn't disappoint. We decided to Box up the last chocolate cake and we dug into this on our way home instead. It again was delicious and very rich in flavour. 

We were offered ice cream at the end but decided we couldn't feed our bellies anymore for at least a little while so opted out. After taking countless pictures we decided it was time for us to waddle out fully satisfied and full. The afternoon tea was £40 and considering it is unlimited and the attention to detail was fantastic it didn't seem unreasonable at all. Cutter and Squidge are holding this limited Hello Kitty themed tea until the end of the month so if you wish to try it yourself go and book in before time runs out. 

I hope your having a lovely Sunday. 
Thanks for reading my lovelies x 



  1. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable and right up my street! I'm just adoring over the li'l Hello Kitty shaped foods, it's so kawaii and darling! Why don't I live in London at times like this? :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Isn't it so super cute! I know things like this wish I could go to London lots more!!



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