Sunday, 17 July 2016

A chilled sunday ramble and tips on staying happy

So for today's blog post something a little bit different. no fancy pictures (well okay maybe just one) but just me and the keyboard, and a little bit of rambling. So many things are going on in the world at the moment it doesn't seem appropriate to talk about my favourite new outfit or a new pair of shoes. We seem to wake up each morning to something awful happening in the world and not only do we have to listen and digest all of this information, but we each have our own battles that we fight on a daily basis.
 I think its made me realise its so important to take some time out for YOU. it's so very easy to get caught up in the worlds problems or someone else's for that matter, forgetting that we all need our down time or me time to relax and recuperate. I've been thinking about what makes me happy and what i need some times and i thought i would share these things with you. 

*  Number one is a great big bubble bath. Such a simple thing, that i never do enough. Complete your bath with Lush Bath bomb, bath crystals, a bath oil, whatever takes your fancy, and soak your pants off under a mountain of bubbles. I promise you now i always leave that bath feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Chuck some fresh sheets and new pj's into the mix and you'll be having a party.

* Finish that book that you have been meaning to finish for what feels like forever. I love to read and because of this i probably have 5 books i have started but are yet to finish. Turn that screen off and put your phone down, go live in someone else's story for a little while. 

* Spend some Quality time with your loved ones and treat them while your at it. There is nothing better in my opinion then cheering someone up when they need it, Even if it means buying them a coffee or a card to say something special. Actions speak louder then words. 

* Last but not least and this one will definitely make my mum chuckle and roll her eyes, but as she has told me a million times, a tidy space a tidy mind. Sometimes its time to do that holiday washing you have been putting off for weeks, or clean your makeup out and throw away that horrible eye shadow that you have had since high school. Its time to let go of that flashback and move on to bigger and better things *laughs*.

Wow, what a ramble. Don't worry its nearly over and fashion, baking and all things materialistic will resume next week. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend, I've been spending mine with family and friends, lots of food and too much alcohol.

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

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