Friday, 23 June 2017

Amy Rowley Style - The Perfect Summer Dress

So it's official, England is currently experiencing a crazy heatwave and I don't know about you but when this tends to happen the first thing I think is.. 'Crap, what am I going to wear'. 
Feeling hot and sweaty is simply uncomfortable but of course being me, I still want to stay stylish where I can. I know floral tea style dresses have been huge this spring/summer and were last year too, but up until now i've never been able to find the perfect one for me. 

You may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, that last week I got my hair done and whenever I decide to get a refresh in the hair department I always tend to have a wild moment where I feel a bit sassy and think that I can maybe rock something that I couldn't before. This happened to occur when I entered Topshop ( big mistake) and picked up some summer bits to try on whilst I had 5 minutes to spare. I often think that these dresses don't suit me but I absolutely loved the colour and print and just thought why the hell not. After trying it on, I didn't want to take it off and although it was a little bit pricey I knew that I would get the wear out of it. So of course I ended up walking out of topshop with a sneaky purchase. 

Anyway, enough of the ramble, ( sorry i'm in one of those moods) the dress itself is as I mentioned from good old Topshop and was £46. I know what you're thinking but honestly the possibilities are endless and i've already worn it three times in the space of a week. 

It's perfect dressed down like I have for this outfit with some sunnies ( my trusty Raybans) and super cute pink loafers from New Look. But, it also looks fab with heeled sandals and a western style belt for drinks with the girls which of course occurred Saturday night, after all getting your hair done is the perfect excuse to go out. 

I know there are plenty of these dresses on the market and you can definitely pick up some more affordable options from the likes of Boohoo and Missguided, but for me I just could't help myself. I will link some other options below along with my dress for you to have a sneaky look at.

Shoes - New Look

So, what do you think? Will you buying into the tea dress trend and are you a fan of my latest purchase? Let me know!

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Amy Rowley Style - Let's Talk Colour

Hey guys, it's me again, of course with a new outfit and some new ramblings that I hope are gonna make just that little bit of sense. Today I wanted to talk about the 'C' word. Noooo not that 'C' word but colour and the way you can inject different colours and shades into your wardrobe in different ways.

Now I know a number of people that seem to be afraid of wearing brighter colours and instead stick to black and white for their entire wardrobe. That is totally okay and if that's want you are comfortable wearing then go ahead, I myself am never opposed to a bit of monochrome! However I think it can be nice to be a bit more playful with your style and inject colourful pieces into your outfits. I have thought of a couple of ways that you can do this, if like many, you tend to stick with 50 shades of grey instead of wearing those brighter shades/

1. Shoes - It's summer and that means you can be overly playful with your shoe game. Use a pair of shoes to inject a bright colour into your wardrobe, by playing with red, blue or even yellow shades. Yes that's right yellow!

Yellow is going to be so big this season, from more pale shades to mustard yellow. I recently picked up this pair of mules from Primark and I absolutely love them. They just make your outfit POP! Perfect for wearing with summer dresses or as done here, with a pair of simple black jeans and white embroidered blouse. I love how the embroidery has very small accents of yellow to help pull the whole outfit together.

2. Accessories - If you still don't feel sassy enough to wear too much colour in your day to day outfits, edge yourself in slowly with a handful of accessories. Tassel earrings are really popular this season, in bright blue or red (see here.) Another way would be to incorporate a colourful bag into your look. Zara and Mango often have a great selection of good value bags that look either designer inspired or simply a lot more expensive. An example, would be pairing a red bag with an all black outfit. Perfect!!

3. Pastel Shades - If you dont want to go for a bright yellow or red, a great way of implementing colour into your wardrobe is to wear pastel shades. Sage green colours, or dusty pinks are slightly softer and not as scary, especially if you don't wear colourful items that often. By wearing pastel shades they will still work well with black, white and grey but just add that something different to your overall look. I love pale pink tones and pale blue. If you follow me on Instagram (@amyrowleyy) you will have seen me wear a baby blue suede biker from Zara to death.

4. Beauty - Last but not least, why not play with your makeup! A bright coloured lipstick or eye shadow will work just as well to create a pop to your outfit. If not, orange coloured nails are a fantastic way to introduce new shades into your summer look. This is also a really affordable way of mixing up your outfits as you can pick up a great lippie for around a fiver!

* Outfit *
Top - Zara 
Jeans - Topshop 
Mules - Primark 
Bag - Vivienne Westwood (No longer available)

These are just four simple ways of injecting some colourful pieces into your wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed this little post, what do you think of my new colourful mules?

Thanks for reading my lovelies x  


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Amy Rowley's First Birthday

So today is officially Amy Rowley's 1st birthday, yes that's right I have been blogging for 1 year now and what a year it's been. Never did I think I would have stuck with it or enjoyed it as much as I have done. And to celebrate, what better way than to write a blog post on all the good things that have come out of my blogging journey so far. 

I think it's safe to say that over the last year my confidence has gone from strength to strength and blogging has definitely contributed to this. When I first started my blog, I didn't want to post anything on Facebook or tell anyone at work. I was scared people would think, 'who the hell does she think she is'.  Now i'm not afraid to share my blog with others, talk about my experiences or even talk about things that may be a little bit controversial. You simply get to the point where you just dont care about others opinion's anymore and just want to focus on what makes you happy.

The same goes for my confidence when taking pictures, don't get me wrong I still don't enjoy people staring at me weirdly posing for a picture in the street but I won't let it stop me anymore. I just laugh it off, do a funny dance or talk to a friend that is normally behind the camera and carry on like normal

Becoming more experimental with fashion 
Not only has my confidence grown in general but i find it easier to be more experimental with fashion, the colours I wear and the styles I put together. I'm still getting there with mixing up the things I wear more often but blogging has made me want to be more stylish and more fun with every outfit I wear, even when I head to the office every morning. A great outfit makes me feel 10 times better. 

Making new friends
Before starting my blog I only knew a handful of people that either blogged themselves or just enjoyed or knew about the blogging world in general. Writing my own one has opened myself up to meeting new people and creating new friends that share the same interests and a passion for the industry. I can't wait to go to more events and meet new faces that may not be new from pictures (after stalking them religiously on Instagram) but i finally get to talk to in person. 

Allowed me to be creative
Before last year I really felt that I had lost my creative flair. I've always loved fashion, writing and photography but at the time of starting Amy Rowley I was in a job where it wasn't really possible to express this. Having my blog gave me that kick up the bum to be more creative and use my brain to constantly come up with new ideas and try new looks. 
I am lucky enough to say that my blog has even allowed me to secure a job in a marketing role, where I now get to be creative and use my brain on a daily basis. 

* Outfit * 
Shirt - H&M
Jeans - Zara 
Bag - Mango 
Shoes - New Look

I think after writing this blog post it has just confirmed it to me, that starting my blog was without a doubt the best thing I could have done... in fact I wish I had done it sooner. Because of this, I thought this may be able to help you if you want to start something new, maybe a blog, a you tube channel or even something simple like signing up for the gym but are too nervous to do so. The answer is simple...just do it! 

Things always seem a lot more scary when the're unknown and you don't know what it could mean for the future, especially when you're concerned about what people could think. But this is just a friendly reminder to say, that you shouldn't care and you should only ever do what makes you happy, as cheesy as it sounds. 

Anyway, if you've been with Amy Rowley and it's journey so far then thank you so much. I can't wait to see what's in store next...after all who knows what's around the corner. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Amy Rowley Style - Tips and Tricks to Primark purchases

Primark is a funny one. It's full to the brim of endless clothing, accessories, home bits and even now makeup and beauty. But for me, its all about finding a needle in a haystack. That one gem out of endless amounts of rocks. Some may disagree and this may been controversial, but gone are the days of me coming out with huge bags of Primark pieces, instead I choose wisely with a couple of items at a time. 

Here are my tips for shopping in primark, to ensure you don't waste your money on 'bargains' and make sure you find a staple or fantastic trend piece that you will be wearing non stop through the summer months.

First things first, it's so easy to get sucked in by cheap deals, unbeatable prices and a good ol'bargain, but it's important to be picky nonetheless. I used to walk out with bags full of these fantastic buys only later would I realise that realistically it didn't overly flatter my body or I was only going to wear it once or twice. Choose wisely when shopping in Primarni my loves, take an item and imagine spending a topshop price on it, would you still be tempted to make the purchase at a higher price? Will you wear it more then once? These are the questions that will help you to make a good primark purchase and not end up regretting it later.

That is not to say you can't be adventurous with Primark pieces, in fact I suggest doing so. Take the big seasonal trends, such as gingham or embroidery, the ones you know you won't want to wear forever. Primark is the perfect way to dabble in the trend without forking out a fortune. Take advantage of the cheaper prices for those more daring pieces that you know will be perfect for this season but may not be as popular for the next.

Of course there are those items that you simply can't go wrong with when it comes to primark. Plain cami tops are one and Pjamas are another. If like me, you aren't one to wear silky lacy nightwear on a daily basis and just prefer to be comfortable... Primark is the one!! Their range of themed, cute nightwear has got to be a winner for so many. Am I right people or am I right.

My final tip it to use Primark as a guinea pig. All those expensive items that you think you like the look of, but aren't quite sure, head into Primark to see if you can find a similar piece. More often than not they try to copy designer pieces and follow big trends. Buy a cheaper alternative and if you find yourself loving the item, you will know to splurge on the more expensive option.

When I went into my local Primark a few weeks ago, I literally had all of 5 minutes to spare, which is normally never a great thing. However two things caught my eye. The first, was this gorgeous little gingham dress with flared sleeves. Killing two trends with one stone and at a small price of just £13 I had to pick it up. The other item will be appearing on the blog soon. Another trend item that I thought I would try the waters with, before making a splurge.

Anyway, enough of the rambling I hear you say. I hope this has helped you Primark lovers out there, to get the best out of a cheaper high street store. All I have to say now is... Happy Shopping!!

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Amy Rowley Lifestyle - Picnic Party Inspiration

I think it's safe to say that this week the weather is finally starting to show the start of summer and with the Bank Holiday on the horizon, what better way to kick start the weekend than with the perfect picnic party. There are so many cute, creative and pretty picnic accessories in the shops at the moment, so I thought i would put together a little picnic inspiration post to kick start your summer plans.

picnic party

Retro Party Light - Some may think twinkly sparkly lights may be a bit much, but me? I love it! The more decorative and fun you can be with a picnic, the better, I say. This party light is the best way to go one step further. If you're celebrating your birthday in the summer months, use a picnic party as the perfect way to celebrate. Remember don't forget the prosecco. 

Pineapple baskets - The perfect storage for crisps, cutlery, napkins or even a basket of fruit if you're on a health kick. If you have to use baskets to display your food, pineapple shaped baskets are the only option, surely?

Watermelon Pinata - How cute is this pinata?! Spice your picnic up with a bit of fun by having some games to play. This watermelon shaped pinata is the ideal game to add to your list. Fill it with your favourite sweets and once everybody has had a few to drink, this will become even more interesting.

Cactus Shot Glasses - Let's get the party started with shots in the coolest cactus shot glasses. A cute alternative, from the normal shot glass.  Paperchase are killing it with the summer accessories at the moment, perfect for picnics, beach trips and holidays so I would check their selection out.

Pineapple Tumbler - Your going to need plastic tumblers for a picnic, so why not have these pineapple themed glasses. 

Picnic Napkins - Perfect for all those pesky crumbs and if you have to supply napkins, why not do it in style? Monki have a great range of napkins and cute pinic accessories, so their website is definitely worth a little nosey. 

Cactus Ice Tray - For those hot summer afternoons you're going to need endless amounts of ice for your Pimms and soft drinks. This cactus ice tray is a cute solution to a picnic essential.

Pineapple Fairy Lights - For when the sun starts to fade but you want your party to go into the evening, these fairy lights are perfect. A cute touch and very instagrammable too! 

Picnic Blanket -  What picnic is complete without a gorgeous printed blanket. Plus once the weather starts to cool down you can use it to get warm. 

Picnic Basket - For the ultimate picnic planner, this basket screams typical English summer. If you plan on throwing a couple of picnics throughout the summer, this basket is for you. 

Flamingo Bunting - One last cute touch is pretty bunting. This flamingo design is super summery and a simple decoration that just makes everything look great in photos.

So there you have a list of the cutest picnic 'essentials' ready for the summer party season. What do you think? Has this made you want to plan a picnic party for you and your friends?

I hope you've enjoyed this little blog post, something slightly different, but adorable all the same. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


Thursday, 18 May 2017

Amy Rowley Style - Fenwick Colchester, Meet The Designers Event

I was very happy to see a message in my inbox inviting me to a Meet The Designers event at Fenwick Colchester. Having been part of the accessories team for just over a year myself, it felt fantastic to be going back into the store as a blogger and having the chance to write exciting things about all of my favourite brands. Already a big jewellery junkie I know a lot of the brands in Fenwick Colchester inside out. They have a beautiful selection of designers showcasing some incredible pieces, there truly is something for everybody. 

So, on Saturday I head over to Fenwick to see what they had going on in store. I was lucky enough to see some of the brands in action and new ones too, perfect for someone like me who is always on the hunt for something different. 

First things first we kicked off the trip with a glass of bubbly (of course) and a talk with one of my favourite Fenwick ladies, Laura, the jewellery buyer. Laura does a fantastic job along with Julie another Accessories buyer, to find the latest brands, designs and fashion trends, so that they can inject it into the store. Since the refurbishment which was finished late last year, Fenwick Colchester has been the talk of the town and I can see why. They have tried to make it more trend based, so when you walk in it's almost as if you were in a flagship London store. 

After catching up I went round to see some of the displays that were going on in the department. A lovely lady from the wonderful Alex Monroe ( a firm favourite of mine) was displaying some of the intricate techniques they use on the handcrafted jewellery. All of Alex Monroe's collection holds incredible detail and is made here in the UK. Without a doubt he is most famous for the Bee necklace, but more recently they worked on a Beauty and The Beast collection which was simply stunning. 

 * Alex's sketchbooks showcasing the original designs for his jewellery pieces *

I then spoke to Georgiana from the jewellery brand Georgiana Scott, about their wonderful hoop station. Now, I never used to be a lover of hoops but late last year I got the urge tot try them and i've never felt so sassy. They have a wonderful range of hoops, Sterling silver, gold or rose gold plated. Perfect if you want a nice pair but don't want to pay the earth for them as their starting point is great value. 

I then spoke to another lovely lady who worked for Lisa Angel, this is a relatively new brand for Fenwick Colchester and the perfect brand if you're looking for a gift. They have a range of engravable necklaces, bracelets and key-rings, all around the £20 mark! They are silver or gold plated so a good quality piece too.

 I was lucky enough to receive a rose gold bar necklace, which the lady kindly engraved my name into! Fenwick also offer a complimentary engraving service on lots of products not just the Lisa Angel range. Perfect for a birthday/Christmas present or even something just that little bit more sentimental, after all personalized products are so on trend at the moment.

Last but not least I was lucky enough to meet Rosie Fortescue, who has recently launched her collection in the Fenwick store. She was lovely and just as beautiful as she is in pictures. I spoke to her about her range and she explained that her jewellery was an extension of all her favourite pieces and designs. We talked about her passion to inject colour and brightly coloured stones into her collection. The range itself, is beautiful with a mixture of designs ranging from more delicate pieces to the bolder earrings and even the incredibly cool hand cuff. 

Kindly, I was gifted a piece from the range. I chose a delicate choker or shorter chained rose gold necklace with pink stones. It works as the perfect layering piece or well on its own with a low neckline to compliment it's design. You will see this styled very soon on the blog and over on my Instagram (@amyrowleyy).

I had a lovely afternoon at the Fenwick Colchester store and will definitely be popping in for my jewellery updates soon. Alongside the incredible jewellery brands that I've already mentioned, they stock Chlobo, Links of London, Olivia Burton and Astley Clarke, to name a few. 

If you would like to pop in and check out their current stock, they are running an exclusive event on today and they are open till 9pm. Receive 20% off most brands across the store and treat yourself. (terms and conditions apply) 

A big thank you to Fenwick for inviting me along, I hope you enjoyed this post, I definitely enjoyed writing it! 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 


Monday, 15 May 2017

Amy Rowley Food - The Island Stories Experience

On Thursday I was lucky enough to attend the Island Stories foodie event in Chelmsford. The event was held at Barista in Chelmsford and I was joined by a range of lovely bloggers, some of them I have been wanting to meet for a while.

Island Stories are a catering company, ideal for private dining events of 6-8 people, to much larger do's such as weddings or corporate events. The two owners, Ikram and Devon are from two far flung countries who have combined their cultures to create an incredible menu mixing Caribbean and Ceylon flavours. Although this is their specialty, Devon, also head chef for Island Stories is able to create all kinds of cuisines and dishes! It's safe to say he is a very talented man! 

The Food
We were spoilt for choice with dish after dish of incredible food! First things first we kicked off the menu by tucking into scrummy canapes! My favourite had to be the breaded tuna with chilli and coriander jam. It seemed to be the most popular choice and I can tell you now their was a firm reason to this...It was incredible. Among their canapes we also had the choice of beetroot cured salmon with dill creme fraiche, and quinoa and coriander bites.

After this scummy display we were treated to some juicy mini burgers, which were a lot more filling then they looked! Followed by a gorgeous selection of bowl foods. The favourites had to be the wild sea-bass with artichoke, preserved lemon, asparagus and fresh peas, as well as the incredible beef fillet with shitake caramel and horseradish mash; simply sublime. 

For dessert there were two options, either lemongrass panna cotta with strawberry sorbet or chocolate delice topped with passion fruit gel. The perfect combination of sweetness to the rich chocolate dessert.

It's safe to say everyone could hardly move once they had finished the entirety of  the dishes, consuming as many flavours in one setting as they possibly could.

The Outfit

For my overall outfit I wanted to go for something a little bit more formal. I have been after a pair of tailored trousers for a while so when I spotted these on the ASOS website I knew I had to have them! They go with so many things casual or smart and they fit like a dream! 

For the top half of the outfit I chose to go with this lovely lace satin camisole from H&M. It is so cute and I am in love with the lace detail. I don't normally wear black and navy together, but I think the combination actually looked really nice. 

For shoes I went with my trusty nude pointy courts and I think they just complimented the look in the right way. These are a must have in any wardrobe because they go with everything and are timeless piece. 

I kept my jewellery pretty understated for me, simply wearing a collection of  silver bracelets from Pandora and Chlobo, alongside my watch from Amsterdam that was a right little bargain at 20 Euro and my hamsa hand necklace from Accessorize.

* Outfit *
Trousers - ASOS
Cami - H&M
Shoes - Topshop (sold out)

After trying the Island Stories food and finally meeting some friendly faces from the blogging world it was safe to say I was ready for bed. 

If you are looking for a catering company for either your wedding, special event or even a birthday do, then I can highly recommend the Island Stories services. They cover Essex, London and surrounding areas. Not only will you be blown away by their beautiful food but their great personalities too. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

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