Sunday, 31 July 2016

New in beauty bits and mini reviews

So i decided this month that i was gonna start being a bit more inventive and daring with my skincare and beauty. It was time i mixed things up a little and dabbled in some new products. So after popping to my local Superdrug, Boots, Mac and Estee Lauder counter, i was happy with my purchases. It's good to try new things and find out what works and what doesn't, otherwise your favourite product of all time might stay unknown. Plus its good to share and that's what i have decided to do with you guys today. So without any further babbling from me let's get into the products and what i like or dislike about each one. 

So first let's talk about the Mac bits i picked up. A couple of weeks back i went to a wedding reception and i decided to get my makeup done by one of the Mac makeup artists. I wanted a rose gold eye, natural glowing skin and a nude lip. The look was great, but i was in such a rush i never got a picture, typical me. Anyway the bits i decided to buy from the look were these little beauty's.

I decided to pick up the mineralise skinfish in Soft and gentle. And yes i know i'm late to the party on this one but  it really is beautiful. I hadn't really invested in a highlighter until this one so i knew i needed this in my makeup bag. Its a gorgeous shimmered highlighting powder with tiny flecks of glitter and rosey tones. Overall i think the colour is a champagne shade and its stunning, add this to your cheekbones and brow bones and your ready to glow!

I also decided i wanted to start my own eye shadow quad. The lady mainly used mythology all over my lid and its such a gorgeous colour that i know i'll wear a lot so i thought it was the perfect colour to start with. Again with the rose gold tones, and glitter, can you tell i love a bit of glitter!? But still a very wearable colour and i have been wearing it lots since. 

Next up is some new skin care by Nip + Fab . This is a skincare brand i have heard lots about over the blogging community but hadn't seen in the shops. When i spotted it in my local boots i decided to pick some bits up. 

First product in the range i decided to try was the 'Dragon blood fix pumping serum.' The serum says that the formula includes Hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin, velvet flower which enhances moisture and dragon's blood to comfort and restore skin hydration. Now as i have mentioned before my skin needs all the moisture and hydration a girl can get, so that's why this sounded right up my street. I have been applying it day and night for the past week and so far so good. my skin definitely doesn't feel as dry in the mornings which is always a bonus. I feel like i need to keep using this to see some more results, but for someone that has oversensitive skin to most things, this is a good Start. 

The other product i decided to try was the 'Kale Fix moisturiser', This moisturiser is enfused with lots of superfood goodness, the list of ingredients include the likes of kale, watercress and almond oil, along with aloe vera and shea butter to provide long lasting hydration. Again i have tried this day and night for about a week now and i'm currently very much on the fence with this product. At night this is perfect leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth, but its quite a sticky consistency and the smell is a bit odd. For the mornings this means my makeup doesn't always sit very nicely underneath it and can make my overall face of makeup quite sticky and shiny. However i will keep going and see how i get on with it. 

Next up a new lip colour and this one is from Tanya Burrs new beauty range the 'soft luxe' collection. Me and a friend decided it was time we tried out a product from the range and what better then a matte liquid lipstick, as they are all the trend right now. 

The shade i picked up was the famous 'Martha Moo' named after her adorable mini dachshund Martha. It is a beautiful pinky brown colour that seems to be all the rage at the moment. The colour is so pigmented and you only need a very light coat of this to inject your lips with colour. I find this has been perfect for an evening out or special event as it stays in place all night. However for me i just found it to be a little drying on my lips for all day every day. I suffer from very dry lips anyway so this might not be the case for everyone else. But still, i am glad i now have this in my collection and i will continue to wear it on occasions or nights out. 

Last but not least, and definitely my favourite by far, is the absolutely gorgeous Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume and its safe to say i am obsessed. It is just the most beautiful summer scent and indeed it does a good job of making me feel goddess like. The notes of the perfume are a mixture of   amber, coconut milk, vanilla, juicy mandarin, pulpy orange and many many more. I will definitely always want a bottle of this on my dressing table forever more, and 100% recommend you go and have a spray at the counter. You wont regret it. 

So there you have it, quite a long post so well done if you managed to get to the end. Let me know of any beauty products you have been testing and would recommend, as always i love to know. Hope you enjoyed reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

5 summer wardrobe staples

Hello my lovelies it feels like forever since I've sat down and wrote, but with work being super busy and being poorly it just hasn't left much time for it. But i'm back and today i want to share with you my 5 summer wardrobe staples that we all need in our lives this summer. typical that as i'm writing this its raining but hey its England what more can you expect apart from the four seasons all in one day. 

My first summer staple is anything bardot or off the shoulder. These are literally everywhere at the moment and personally i love the trend. I think its super flattering and on most body types too. I have a couple in my wardrobe already but i don't think that will stop me from buying more. Zara have had some beautiful bardot pieces in this summer so that is always a good place to start. I also picked up a couple from H&M. Both shops are really affordable, perfect for this kind of trend when your unsure of how long it may be on the catwalk.

Both bardot tops - H&M , Gold Choker- Riverisland , Initial Necklace - Monica Vinader

Secondly a pair of espadrilles. They are really comfy, and go with so many different outfits. I would love to own a pair of Chanel espadrilles, but for now the likes of Asos and kurt Geiger will do me just fine. Platform espadrilles are also really popular this summer and they look lovely with a little white dress for a super summery outfit and still a little bit of height. 

Beach Bum Espadrilles - Asos , Lace up espadrilles - Kurt Geiger

A summer bomber jacket is also perfect for those not so summery summer days like today. There are a lot of lightweight and printed bomber jackets on the market, and you can get them for a great price too. I found mine on Asos but its by boohoo and it was only £20. They can make a dress look a little more dressed down and casual and also look great with just a pair of jeans and a plain t'shirt. Effortlessly cool and understated. 

Bomber - Boohoo

My last two summer staples are in the accessories department. First being a simple choker. There are so many types and so many designs on the market at the moment, i really feel like whatever your style you can find one to suit yours. I personally am a fan of the slightly more delicate and thinner chokers. However with a very simple outfit the thicker bands can look so stylish and chic, one of my favourite style icons, @barbarapbabe does this so well so definitely check her Instagram out. 

Simple Choker - Asos

Last but not least is a western style buckle belt. I love this style and they look great paired with jeans and shirts or even a dress to make it a little more casual. I really like the double buckle belts that are floating around at the moment and am currently on the hunt for one. I love this style of buckle and i think it will be great for all year round definitely getting into winter with boots and jumpers. 

Western Belt - Topshop

So there you have it. My 5 summer staples that will really give your wardrobe that little update to keep it on trend. Let me know what your favourite summer trends have been this year so far. Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thanks for reading my lovelies. x 

Sunday, 17 July 2016

A chilled sunday ramble and tips on staying happy

So for today's blog post something a little bit different. no fancy pictures (well okay maybe just one) but just me and the keyboard, and a little bit of rambling. So many things are going on in the world at the moment it doesn't seem appropriate to talk about my favourite new outfit or a new pair of shoes. We seem to wake up each morning to something awful happening in the world and not only do we have to listen and digest all of this information, but we each have our own battles that we fight on a daily basis.
 I think its made me realise its so important to take some time out for YOU. it's so very easy to get caught up in the worlds problems or someone else's for that matter, forgetting that we all need our down time or me time to relax and recuperate. I've been thinking about what makes me happy and what i need some times and i thought i would share these things with you. 

*  Number one is a great big bubble bath. Such a simple thing, that i never do enough. Complete your bath with Lush Bath bomb, bath crystals, a bath oil, whatever takes your fancy, and soak your pants off under a mountain of bubbles. I promise you now i always leave that bath feeling refreshed and squeaky clean. Chuck some fresh sheets and new pj's into the mix and you'll be having a party.

* Finish that book that you have been meaning to finish for what feels like forever. I love to read and because of this i probably have 5 books i have started but are yet to finish. Turn that screen off and put your phone down, go live in someone else's story for a little while. 

* Spend some Quality time with your loved ones and treat them while your at it. There is nothing better in my opinion then cheering someone up when they need it, Even if it means buying them a coffee or a card to say something special. Actions speak louder then words. 

* Last but not least and this one will definitely make my mum chuckle and roll her eyes, but as she has told me a million times, a tidy space a tidy mind. Sometimes its time to do that holiday washing you have been putting off for weeks, or clean your makeup out and throw away that horrible eye shadow that you have had since high school. Its time to let go of that flashback and move on to bigger and better things *laughs*.

Wow, what a ramble. Don't worry its nearly over and fashion, baking and all things materialistic will resume next week. I hope you all have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend, I've been spending mine with family and friends, lots of food and too much alcohol.

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Magic Marshmallow cupcakes

Today i thought i would share with you a little cupcake recipe that i tried recently and they turned out to be really scrummy. Not only were they delicious but they looked pretty too. Perfect for a summer party or barbecue you may have coming up. They were really easy and simple to make and no the title may state magic marshmallow but there is nothing funny going on, just a yummy twist to make them even more addictive. So lets get on to the gooey details!

Ingredients you will need:
For the cake - 
125g Self Raising flour 
125g Caster sugar 
2 Large Eggs
125g Butter
1 Tablespoon of milk
A Splash of Vanilla extract
1 Tub of Fluff
 ( For those of you that are not familiar with Fluff it is a soft gooey marshmallow paste that is made by the gods and is undeniably incredible *chuckles*)

For the Icing and decoration-
1 bag of mini white and pink marshmallows
A handfull of Silver balls
120g butter 
60g Icing sugar 
A splash of vanilla extract 

* Finished Result *

* The ingredients *

1. First take the flour, caster sugar and butter and place them into a mixing bowl. Then mix all three ingredients together with an electric whisk or mixer. Do this until the ingredients looked thoroughly mixed. 
2. Then take both eggs and the milk and mix them together in a measuring jug. While the mixer is still spinning add this to the mixture slowly bit by bit, making sure it doesn't curdle. Once this is all added, take a splash of vanilla extract and mix that in too. 
3. Take a cupcake tray ready with cupcake cases, and spoon equal amounts into each case, until all the mixture is used. 
4. Place the cake tray in a preheated oven at 190C, Gas mark 5, for 20 minutes until they are a light golden colour. 
5. Now the fun part! Take the cupcakes and carefully remove them from the tray one by one. Take a knife and cut a small hole in the top of the cupcake. The hole should be about 3/4 of the way down the cupcake, but not reach the bottom. 
6. Tale the fluff and place it into a piping bag. Slowly pipe the fluff into the whole you have just made until it reaches the top of the cupcake, they should look something like this;

7. Put your cakes to one side, and take the butter and the icing sugar to create the butter icing. Place both in a mixer and mix until smooth. Add the vanilla extract and mix for a further couple of minutes. 
8. Take the mixture and using a blunt knife smooth on to the top of the cupcake. covering the hole in the cupcake and creating a base for the final steps. 
9. Once all the cupcakes are iced. Take the mini marshmallows and some scissors and carefully cut them diagonally in half. This will then create mini petals for your flower marshamallows. Do this until you feel you have enough for all your cupcakes, you can always come back to this step if you run out, (even if it is from eating them as you go.)
10, Take the marshmallow petals and place them next to each other in circles from the outside of the cupcake inwards. Finish off with a couple of silver balls in the middle for the final touch and voila! Your cupcakes are complete. 

So 10 Simple steps to making these beauty's! They are super simple and fun to make and i think the finished result looks a lot more professional then what it really is.  I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you fancy having a go at making them yourself then please let me know how they turn out.
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! 
Thanks for reading my lovelies x 


Friday, 8 July 2016

Blue and white greek chic

Whenever i put the colours blue and white together when i'm outfit planning, places like Mykonos and Santorini spring to mind. I have never been to either, but they are definitely on my wish list. The endless pictures on Instagram of the blue skies and beautiful white apartments and architecture definitely keep me inspired and dreaming of the day when i get to visit.
 When i found this blouse in Riverisland i knew i had to have it. The boho style with the balloon sleeves and tassels are definitely on trend, and the blue and white embroidery is so cute and pretty. I love all the embroidered jeans that are in the shops at the moment. They are definitely next on my list to get. 

I paired this top with some simple white Leigh jeans from Topshop and some very cute pale pink loafers.  I would wear this outfit on a nice day out with friends or a date. I also think if you were to throw some heels on it would be perfect for casual drinks in the evening. I hope you enjoy the look. All the items will be linked below.

 *Blouse - Riverisland Jeans - Topshop Shoes - (Mine weren't online but here is a similar pair) Riverisland *

For my accessories i wanted to keep it very simple as i feel like the blouse is a statement in itself. For jewellery i kept it super casual with my everyday bracelets, a mixture of Pandora and Monica Vinader bracelets, as well as some Pandora and accessorize rings. I am a huge lover of jewellery, and in particular rings. I cant leave the house without at least one ring on and of course my watch, i feel lost without it. 

My bag is by DKNY and i absolutely love it. My boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday and i have been using it non stop since. The colour is gorgeous and the size is perfect as sometimes i find it impossible to find things in huge bags. 

So there you have it. A summery, pretty girly look for a day out or casual drinks. I love this outfit and think i will get great wear out of the top especially. I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay following to see more. 

Do check out my Instagram @amyrowleyy to follow me day to day and see sneak peeks of upcoming blog posts. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

from day to night

Happy Sunday my lovelies, finally a beautiful summers day we all hope and pray. Today on the blog i am sharing a style post with you. You will all have seen this beautiful pink dress by now featured on the blog a couple of times, so i wanted to style it up for you and show you how i would wear it...Day or night. This is definitely a very versatile piece. The jersey fabric makes it very easy and comfortable to wear, and if your one of those people that are always a little scared of over dressing for an occasion, this little gem is perfect. 

* DAY *

For a girly day out or a casual weekend barbecue this is the perfect solution. I have paired it with a beautiful embroidered bomber from boohoo and some espadrilles. Simple and understated. The little choker and sunglasses just pull it all together. I am a great believer in strong accessories perfecting an outfit and taking something simple and turning it into a statement.  You will be able to find all the links to the items below, and whats even better is that all items are £30 and under. Bargain!!

Both Chokers and Bombers are key pieces to have in your wardrobe this season, they are absolutely everywhere. Personally i'm not a huge fan of the thick band chokers as my features are quite delicate. This one from Asos is perfect just a little bit more dainty and not so harsh. 

* Espadrilles - Asos  Dress - Riverisland  Choker - Asos  Bomber - Boohoo * 


Mixing up an outfit only very slightly can turn it into the perfect outfit for girly drinks, a date night or even a casual wedding. I wore this outfit on holiday and absolutely loved it. i was comfortable all night, and it definitely made me feel pretty and feminine. I'm a sucker for constantly wearing a pair of jeans and a nice top, so its always good to mix it up a little. 

Keeping the choker in the mix to give the outfit that trendy edge, i simply changed the espadrilles for a pair of heeled sandals and added a simple chain shoulder bag and voila! I love this outfit so much and think i will wear it loads over the summer. I can't rate the little black sandals enough. I picked them up in the sale and have been wearing them non stop.

* Sandals - Kurt Geiger  Bag - Mango (not online anymore) *

I hope you enjoyed this style post from me, a big thank you to Kit for helping me with the photos, it was hilarious trying to get these shots, I hope your all enjoying your Sunday, i'm currently at my mums house in bed with a cup of tea and my little cat Fred! perfect! 

Thanks for reading my lovelies xx

Friday, 1 July 2016

June favourites

Let's start off by saying June has been a great month for me. Super jam packed and that's just how I like it. I've decided to do a monthly post broken down into categories talking all about my favourites in the previous month. This way i can look back on memories or at things I have forgotten that I loved and you can always take a look and take inspiration or spark your memory too. The categories are going to be; Style, beauty, food and experiences. So let's get started. 

Style- without a doubt one of my key pieces and favourite items in my wardrobe this month has definitely been the pleated Riverisland dress. It's a beautiful dusky rose colour, midi length, pleated detail and a waistband to pull it in. I wore it on holiday and I absolutely fell in love. It's perfect for day or night and I have a style post on this coming up so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

* Dress - Riverisland *

Next up are my Vince Camuto sandals. They go with absolutely everything and are so incredibly comfy. I have worn them to work several times now and had so many compliments too. This particular pair remind me so much of the Isabel Marant sandals but at a fraction of the price. I bought mine from Kurt Geiger in the sale and I believe they are still online so I will link them below for you. 

* Sandals - Kurt Geiger *

Beauty- next up is my beauty favourites and I think it's important I give a shoutout to my new hair. I am absolutely loving my new balayage and shorter length and the girls at Regis Colchester did such a great job. I can't wait to go back again and maybe go even lighter next time. 
My next beauty favourite has to be my new Mac lipstick, creme in your coffee. It's the perfect shade and formula and I love wearing it on a daily basis. I'm so happy I purchased it. If you want to read more on some of my favourite Mac lipsticks click on this link to read a blogpost all about them.

Food - I don't know about you but I have a really addictive personality when it comes to food. I go through stages of being obsessed with things and having them on a daily basis, then I normally over do it and after a while go on to something else. I hope I don't sound like a crazy person and I am not the only one *laughs*. 
This month I have absolutely been loving rhubarb yoghurt with mixed berries. It is absolutely delicious. I normally get the activia rhubarb yogurt and mix it with raspberries and blueberries. Perfect for mornings at work or after dinner for a slightly healthier desert option.

My obsession for maltesers this month has hit an all time high. They sell them at work and I have to stop myself buying a packet daily. I don't know anyone apart from my boyfriend that dislikes them, but that pleases me even more as it means I don't have to share. Even better the new maltesers advert is hilarious if you haven't seen it check it out.

Experiences- last but not least is the experience section to this post. Now this can be anything from a day out or a trip or even something like a new hobby or a class I'm doing. 
This month I have three favourites in this category. The first being my holiday to Portugal, it was lovely to get away and to see some different surroundings and sun for a couple of days, I will link my two blog posts with lots more detail and pictures below, if you want to have a little nosey. 

* Holiday blog posts - Part 1 - Part 2 *

My second was a day out to Alton waters with a good friend. It was a pretty random day, super sunny and warm which is rare for us in England. We went to a place near Dedham called Alton waters it consists of miles and miles of land and forest and a huge lake with the options of all the water activities you can think of. We decided to hire bikes and we went on a 7 mile bike ride round the entire thing. It was so much fun and we had so many laughs while doing it. Plus it was great exercise too, working off all that munching on maltesers. We finished the day off with a pub roast at a local pub in Flatford Mill a village near by. It was by far one of my favourite days not only in this month but this year too. 

* Alton waters *

Last but not least and I am clapping to those of you that have made it this far down, but starting my blog was definitely one of my favourites. It's sparked my passions for fashion and beauty. It's given me a new hobby and something to do and be proud of. Plus it's great for my friends and relatives to keep up with what's going on with me and my life when I don't get to see them that much any more. For any of you wanting to do it and not sure, please just go for it. I have stopped and started and wanted to do it for years, and I'm so glad that I've finally taken the plunge. 

Hope you enjoyed this new post and I would love to know your favourites of the month so if you have any please comment below. Tune in on Sunday for a new style post if you would like to see that!

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 

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