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My top Jewellery brand picks

Anyone that knows me will know my love for anything sparkly or pretty, and will also know how much i love jewellery in general. I think jewellery is great for many things. It can be the perfect gift for someone, personal or pretty. But they are also a great way of jazzing up an outfit, creating a statement or taking something and turning it into something beautiful and much more on trend then it was before. Take a choker for instance. Pop a plain white tee on, with a pair of ripped denim jeans, plain and simple but add a simple black choker and boots and bobs your uncle, your a fashionista in the making. I happen to work with jewellery every day, and i know lots of the insides and outs, so i thought why not share with you some of my favourite brands, and a couple of picks from each one.

Monica Vinader - Initial Necklace

Accessorize - Pearl Choker

Monica Vinader - for any of you reading this that know me well,  you will know this is my number one all time favourite jewellery brand. I can happily say i like every piece they do and would be a very happy bunny if someone treated me to something, just like i have been in the past. My fascination for the brand started way back when i started watching the makeup goddess that is Lisa Eldridge on YouTube. She used to wear two beautiful rings with semi precious stones in and from then on i was obsessed. I own two pieces of there jewellery, both gifts from special people in my life and i love them. You will have probably seen one of them a lot on my Instagram account (@amyrowleyy) and that is my rose gold initial necklace. I am forever getting compliments on it and it goes with everything. Currently on my wish list are the new Linear stone bracelet and rings, as well as the gorgeous signature bangle in rose gold (hint hint). With most Monica Vinader jewellery you can get it personalised which is a lovely touch i think, perfect for the Christmas months that are looming. 

Pandora - Moments Charm Bracelet,  Monica Vinader - Bangle 

Chlobo - My next jewellery favourite is a brand called Chlobo. It is a brand I work with on a day to day basis and its a firm favourite all round.  The idea behind the brand is all about the stack, and the meanings behind each charm. They are all sterling silver or gold plated, and the bracelets are on a stretchy silicone cord, so they are super easy to get on and off. There main focus are the stacking bracelets,  but they do a lovely range of necklaces and earrings also. The tassel charm is my favourite, manly because it is so pretty but also because it is supposed to distract evil and negativity, which i think everyone needs a bit of in there life. I was kindly given a  bracelet in a work competition but i'm eager to add to my stack. There new collection comes out the end of September and it has some beautiful pieces in it so be sure to check it out.

(Close up of Pandora bracelet, Chlobo bracelet and Pandora essence bangle)

Pandora - Next up is the very popular and most known brand for sure, and that is Pandora. You really can't go wrong with Pandora. It in my eyes for the quality is very affordable, and it is for all ages. The charm bracelets are of course the main star, however i think that the rings, and some of there more sophisticated collections are hidden gems. I'm very lucky to own a fair amount of their jewellery that i have been gifted and collected over the years. They are very clever and i always think that their marketing is fantastic. As a brand they continue to bring out different collections, as often as possible for all the different seasons, which is what makes it so addictive and interesting. 

Accessorize 'Z' Range - Last but not least, is definitely a more affordable and budget friendly jewellery brand, but still of good quality and beautiful designs. The Accessorize 'Z' range, is sterling silver or gold plated jewellery, in very intricate and delicate designs. Some of the pieces include semi precious stones or cubic zirconia for some added sparkle, and its safe to say i struggle with choosing what pieces i like the most every time i go to have a look at the collection in my nearest store. I have a small collection of some of the pieces and each piece is as adorable as the next. For anyone on a budget but like me you love jewellery and expensive looking delicate pieces, that look good layered head over to accessorize. Pieces are all around the £12 to £25 mark. Oh and heads up if you get yourself a Accessorize reward card, you could get 20% off this Thursday and Friday (8th,9th September,) so go and treat yourself to something pretty. 

( A few pieces from last season 'Z' Collection, new collection linked above )

So there you have it, jewellery 101 with Amy Rowley *chuckles*. But seriously if your a jewellery lover like me, or in need of purchasing a gift for a special friend, check these brands out, you wont be disappointed. Or if you like come visit me at Fenwick Colchester Where we have a super selection of brands suitable for everyone, all in sparkly new counters ready for our launch on the 14th September. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


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