Sunday, 11 September 2016

5 Autumnal lip colours

It's that time of year again, the leaves are changing colours, we're starting to think about our chunky knit jumpers and our comfy boots. And with all the changes, we start to think about our makeup bag too. My skin starts to want a heavier moisturiser and glitter seems more and more appropriate with Christmas in the far approaching future. Most importantly it's that time of year when I feel like it's definitely okay to rock a darker lip colour. I have rummaged through my makeup box to find five lovely colours, bright, bold and muted all perfect to add to your autumnal wardrobe and brighten up that all black outfit that you just seem to always chuck on last minute. It's also a great way of injecting colour into your work wardrobe. ( more on that later on into the week,) but sometimes when your dress code calls out cold and drab you can play around with colour from your makeup. So let's get into it yes!? 

1. The first lipstick I found was the famous Rimmel Kate 107. Now if you haven't seen or heard about this colour where have you been haha! It's a beautiful deep red, with enough brown and red tones in it to make it perfect for even every day wear. Perfect if secretly you just wanna be like Taylor Swift *chuckles* . It's super comfortable on the lips and not too drying which is something I have to watch out with constantly. The formula seems to last really well but if you do need to re-apply throughout the day after that most important lunch time, it doesn't look Cakey and build up on the lips. Thumbs up in my books people! 

2. Next up is my new favourite Mac colour. i purchased it a few weeks ago after watching Megan Ellaby's YouTube video. The colour in question is Persistence. If you love velvet teddy you will adore this. It's a slightly darker version with slightly more orangey tones, and i just absolutely love it. It's a matte formula so perfect for Autumn. I find as long as I put on a lip balm before hand my lips can just about take it. I definitely recommend checking this bad boy out, get yourself down to a Mac counter and swatch away. 

3. Number three is a slightly different colour for me but when I do wear it I always get complimented on the colour. This is perfect for a night out with a little black dress. It's a Bourjois rouge edition velvet lipstick in the colour 'Pink Pong'. I do only tend to wear this on a night out as it is really quite a bright and hot pink colour, but it's perfect for those nights when you just need a pop of colour. The velvet texture can be quite drying on the lips but they last sooo long and don't go cakey when you need to re apply! The liquid lipstick trend is still going super strong and I think this winter it's going to be bigger then ever. 

*Bourjois-pink pong, Rimmel-107,  MAC- Persistence, Tanya Burr - Martha Moo, L'Oreal-Blake's red *

4. Staying on the liquid lipstick hype, the new Tanya burr lipstick from her soft Luxe collection in the colour Martha moo is just beautiful. A little of this goes a long long way so you don't need to plaster it on your lips, but a nice light wash of the colour and you are good to go. It's a beautiful rosy colour with hints of brown, perfect for the Autumn months. Plus these are super affordable too, so definitely head down to super drug and pick one up. 

5. Last but not least is a true red colour that is just stunning and great for day or night. It's a L'Oreal lipstick from the colour Riche Pure Reds collection. Each shade of red is named after a celebrity and the idea is that you pick the shade and hair colour that matches the celebrity to you, giving you the perfect shade of red for your skin tone. Being me I completely ignored that and went straight for the Blake lively colour, just because who doesn't want to look just that little bit more like Blake. It is definitely a true classic red colour in matte formula. A little brighter in comparison to the Rimmel 107 shade but just as lovely. I wear this shade and love it but it would definitely look just as lovely if not more on a fair skin tone with blonde locks. I don't find this formula to drying on the lips, especially with a good lip balm on first, it does need a top up every now and again though.

So there you have it, 5 great autumnal lip colours for the upcoming months. i hope this has inspired you to be a little bit more daring with the colour of your lipstick and let me know of any favourites you have. Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying what is left of the summer sun on this bright warm Sunday. 

Thanks for reading lovelies x


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