Tuesday, 20 September 2016

5 Work Wear Staples and keeping your work wardrobe interesting

Do you ever feel like your work wardrobe is lacking and it bores you to think of something to put on in the morning? Do you feel like buying work wear items is a bore and so uninteresting? Well join the club. I say to myself every month, right lets invest a little and buy a couple of nice bits for my work wardrobe, but it just never happens and it honestly frustrates me so much. I get so fed up of putting on the same items every week and thinking oh that will do. I want to still feel stylish and trendy in my work wear clothes and know that if last minute drinks after work is offered i wont be afraid to say no because i look and feel like i'm wearing a sack. So today i'm gonna share with you 5 work wear staples that we all need in our wardrobe and a couple of tips on how to keep your work outfits interesting and trendy. 

1. The first Staple in your work wear wardrobe life is a simple white shirt. They don't have to cost loads and you can find them anywhere so its an easy one to start off with. White shirts are most possibly one of the most versatile pieces any person could have in their wardrobe. You can wear them under things, throw things over them and layer to your hearts content. They also look great with any kind of bottoms. Whats even better is you don't have to keep this to work wear only...No. A nice white shirt will look so cute and stylish with some ripped jeans and heels, or pair of trainers. 

* White shirt - H&M *

2. The second staple you should have is a great pair of black trousers. Each individual will prefer a different fit to suit there body shape so that my friends is up to you, but a good fitting pair of black trousers is something everybody needs. Don't be afraid to invest in them either, because when you find that perfect pair you wont want to take them off for days. For me i'm quite short and have a small waist and small legs, so i always tend to suit petite skinny trousers, as the straight leg can sometimes make me look a little silly. 

* Trousers - Warehouse *

3. A little black dress is the third staple in your work wardrobe. Following on from my last post (link here,) i think that this is something every girl needs and not just for work but casual too. I think it is important to pick something that fits nicely and is comfortable to work in all day. With work wear, the fit of the pieces is probably one of the most important things. To keep things interesting, any detailing on the dress is welcome, you don't need to keep it plain and simple, mess around with things like lace, embroidery and embellishment. 

* LBD - Zara *

4. The next staple is a Blazer. A great blazer can make anything look professional, so if your down to your last t shirt and trousers combination, you can chuck on this blazer and automatically you look ready for business. Again i'm gonna bang on about the fit of the products but it really does make all the difference. I like quite a fitted style that cinches me in at the waist to create some curves that really aren't there, however if your prefer a more relaxed look, the boyfriend fit blazer can look really nice too, a little bit more effortlessly cool. 

* Blazer - Topshop *

5. A pair of comfortable shoes is the last and final work wear staple. Whether they are flat black loafers or a pair of comfortable pair of heels it is so important to make sure you are comfortable. Especially if like me you are on your feet all day. Personally i'm more a flats girl however in the winter i prefer to wear ankle boots with a slight heel just to mix things up a little. 

* Heeled loafers - Asos *

Texture - Now on to those tips to keep things interesting.and the first is to play with textures and different fabrics. For instance a chiffon blouse or a top with pleats or embroidery will give that extra boost to your wardrobe. Plisse pleat culottes are all the rage at the moment so pair those with your white shirt and it will look a lot more interesting then a simple black skirt. Ruffles are also really on trend at the moment so try and incorporate fashion trends in subtle ways. 

Accessories - If all else fails jazz up your work wardrobe with some fancy accessories. Use jewellery, or a cute belt or scarf to add texture pattern and trends to your work wardrobe. By adding a simple choker to a white shirt, or a silk scarf you can make an outfit 10 times more interesting. The same goes for shoes, a funky pair of boots with detail to the heel or a pair of pointy patent heels can take an outfit from boring to wow. 

I hope you liked my tips and picks for your work wardrobe, and its inspired you to have a little more fun with it. Your work wardrobe doesn't have to feel like a chore. 

Thanks for reading my lovelies x 


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