Wednesday, 8 June 2016

My Daily Skincare Routine

I don't know about you but i find skincare and finding the correct products for my skin super difficult. I have pretty problematic skin, its definitely dry and dehydrated, but along side that its also eczema prone, which is never fun!
This means when i do find a collection of products that work for me and keep my skin at bay with breakouts and crazy dry patches, i stick to them. At the moment i keep my day and night routine pretty simple and only mix up the products slightly. So lets get onto the juicy details.

To cleanse my face i use the same product day and night. The Clinique take the day off cleansing balm. I massage a small pea amount on to my face and then use a cleansing cloth and warm water to take it off. It is super quick, easy and effective. This balm is still quite moisturising for my face and it doesn't have a scent so wont irritate any sensitive skin. 

Once my face is squeaky clean i then go in with Pixi glow tonic. This is a relatively new addition to my routine and it just piles on the nourishing ingredients to my face to give me that summer glow and also slightly exfoliate my skin. Again i use this in the morning and in the evening. A good tip to trying this product is to try and find the travel size edition, I found mine in the Marks and Spencer beauty hall and it was nearly half the price of the full size bottle. 

Finally depending on the time of day, i use both the day and night cream in the No7 Beautiful Skin range for dry/very dry skin. I find this keeps my eczema breakouts at bay and keeps my skin fully moisturized without irritating my skin. No7 is nearly always doing a 3 for 2 offer too, so these little beauty's are great to stock up on and are super affordable. 

Alongside all my daily products i like to do a mask around once a week, to keep any pesky spots away and to help keep my pores as clear as possible. This Glow Mud Mask by Pixi is great!
 I pop it onto my problem areas leave it on for around 15 minutes until its all dry and then wipe off with a cleansing cloth and warm water. You can really notice it clearing your pores and it doesn't dehydrate my skin like some masks do. I am definitely going to try some more products from Pixi as so far i'm loving the range. 

So that's it, pretty simple really. I would love to know if you have any recommendations for eczema prone skin, always on the hunt to help improve my routine and look as much like a Victoria secret model as possible *chuckles* !

Thanks for reading my lovelies x

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