Friday, 10 March 2017

Amy Rowley Style - The Trench Edit

Spring has sprung and I don't know about you but this makes me a very happy bunny. Today was the first day in a while I have been on my way back from work smiling because the sun is out and the breeze is just perfect! Anyway cheesiness over and done with, its important to remember that living in the UK it just so happens that these days are few and far between. With that in mind I thought what better focus for this week's blog then the classic trench coat!

Now if I had my way the Burberry trench would be the absolute epitome of perfection, however it's safe to say that is no where near my budget. So I thought I would talk to to you about the PINK trench and yes I am still far from being over my current pink obsession.

I picked this little beauty up from Topshop last year and I wore it to death through the spring months. I'm glad to see that the trend has been bought back this season and there are still plenty of choices available on the market. ( Links will be below) Not only does it give the edge to the classic of the trench but it just injects a little bit of colour to an outfit. Colour in my opinion is never worn enough, so many people get comfortable wearing the grey tones and monochrome outfits, which don't get me wrong I love, but you should never be afraid to wear a little bit of colour. You should learn to be playful with it and instead of wearing a complete outfit of bright colours, use one pop to make your outfit scream fun. You don't have to wear super bright shades either, muted tones and pastels are in fact my favourite.

This outfit was a simple one thrown on for the weekend but i felt comfortable yet a little bit sassy. With International Women's Day just gone it reminds me how important it is to feel great about what we are wearing and embrace it!

Pink Trench Coat

So what do you think? Fancy a little pink trench? I know i will be wearing mine in the upcoming months and continue to embrace the pink shade that a lot of people seem to be going crazy over. I hope your all having a fabulous Friday and just like me looking forward to the weekend. I don't know about you but i'm hoping for a sunny one.

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


  1. This trench gives me so much life.. might buy the asos one soon!

    xx Lisa

  2. Loveeeeeeee so much 😍 I've been after a trench coat for ages! Might defy pick one of these beauties up haha xxx


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