Thursday, 9 February 2017

Valentines Day - A Little Something For Everyone

February is among us and without a flash, into every shop that you walk, your surrounded by a sea of fluffy stuffed animals holding hearts, and red lingerie at every angle. For some of us, it's a special day for us to spend with our other half and for some its the complete opposite. A day that we dread, being single on valentines can only make us feel more lonely, which no one needs. Fear not, here are my ideas to keep Valentines day fun for everyone, no matter who you are with, or not with for that matter. 

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All Loved up 

Sometimes all you need, is to spend some quality time together. Forget the fancy presents and a la carte menu's, where half the time you can't even read the menu. These things aren't what builds a strong relationship. If you have the money, fabulous, if you don't i have you covered. 
  • A Home cooked Meal, can never go down wrong. Unless you burn it of course and then if that's the case, the only thing left to do is to head on over to *chuckles.* But seriously, take a simple menu or even her/his favourite meal and get to work in the kitchen. Throw in a couple of candles and a chocolate fondue for desert, and you are on to a winner my friend. 
  • Give your other half a Voucher, entitling them to something you know they want to do with you, have been talking about for ages, or simply something you know that normally you just wouldn't do for them. Have they been wanting to see a snooker game for ages, or a girly soppy film at the cinema that personally you couldn't think of anything worse? Then use this time of year to show the other one just how much you care. 
  • Forget Easter egg hunts, how about a valentines hunt. Something fun and silly, that costs next to nothing to prepare. You could make the prizes as simple as a picture of you both, or their favourite chocolate for good measure. The thoughtfulness behind it and time dedicated to it, will be much appreciated.  

Sassy and Single 

As much as this is a time for loved up couples to get all soppy and fancy over one another, utilize this time as a singleton to have fun or celebrate the other loved ones in your life.  Your friends and family.

  • Use Valentines day as an excuse to get together with your friends and have a girly night in, pink pj's, heart shaped chocolates, and cute captioned cards, celebrate your friendships in style. You don't have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to be loved...oh no, sometimes there is nothing better then a friend who has been through everything with you, tears chuckles and more. 
  • Treat yourself, you can love yourself right?! Of course. Use the money you would spend on someone else, to treat yourself this Valentines. A bunch of your favourite flowers, aftershave or even a set of sexy underwear (which is more for us then for them i say), and you will be feeling a lot brighter then you did before. 

Something Cute For Everyone 

  • This final little idea, is something for everybody. Get your mum and dad involved, your sister/brothers, friends, whoever is with you on valentines day, and have a fort evening. I read recently about a celebrity wedding where it was all built round the idea of the first date, which was building a fort, and well what could be cuter. Gather together all of the blankets, fairy lights and snacks and build yourself the coolest fort you ever did see. If you head over to Pinterest i promise you, you'll find endless ideas and inspiration.

So there you have it, some little cute ideas for valentines this year. What ever you choose to do, or  whoever you choose to spend it with, i hope you share the love and get festive.

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


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