Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Gift Guide For Him

So this is the second post in my Christmas guide frenzy! Perfect for the male reader, the man in your life, or your dad or brother that your struggling to buy for. If your thinking, i just dont know, or he has everything already, then this should be able to give you that little push in the right direction.

Gift Guide For Him

1. Camel Coat - So originally this was top of my list for my boyfriend this year...Until he went and bought himself one *sighs.* However this is a great gift for any boyfriend that you want to look smart and daper. They seem to be very popular and selling out everywhere, so surely it must mean something! This is a slightly more luxury price point however there are plenty on the high street so check places like ASOS and riverisland out. 

2. DIOR Sauvage - This next one is a standard for any man, old and young, and thats a great smelling aftershave. There is nothing better then a nice smelling partner, and this particular scent is lush! Not only does it keep him happy with a great gift, it keeps you happy too. win win situation. 

3. Fitbit Charge - So if any of the men in your life are fitness freaks, this is the gift for them. The watch that tracks all your movements, exercise and weight loss. Not only will it keep him fit and healthy but also tell the time and connect to your phone too. Perfect gadget for a gym bunny.

4. Cards Against Humanity - Next up is one for all the family, once the kids have gone to sleep thats for sure. You have to keep an open mind and take it very lightly, but this board game with a difference can be a right laugh and make that boring Christmas evening a funny night to remember. 

5.Ted Baker wallet and Card holder - A great present for your dad or older relative, who already has everything. A little refresh in the wallet department can never go wrong, and this ted baker set has you covered in all angles with a matching card holder too.

6. Ipad air WIFI 16GB - My boyfriend just got one of these for his birthday and absolutely loves it. Perfect for on the go, watching movies, Netflix or just browsing the internet without the bulk of a laptop. Even if he already has an older version, the picture, speed and battery will be much improved. Plus you can borrow it too *winks*

7. Hugo Boss Watch - This boss watch is simply the perfect stylish designer watch. Hugo Boss is a well known brand, and the leather strap and silver combo is very smart, perfect for the suited and booted. It isn't too pricey either at £150. It isn't too fussy but does the job and looks the part..Job done!

8. Barbour Scarf and Glove set - Next up is a great gift for any guy in your life, and a standard this winter for the chill to come. And if you have to be wrapped up this winter why not do it in style with this Barbour tartan scarf and glove set. It will compliment any smart coat, and its a great gift for under £50 if your working with a budget like myself.

9. Airplane Flight Drone - Now for the big kid and a little bit of fun, this gadget will make a lot of men very happy this Christmas, and quiet for a couple of hours too. This might be a great gift for a younger brother, or a guy who is getting into his photography and wants to get some great shots.

10. River island Chelsea Boots - If your boyfriend or any male friends are into there fashion, then they could always do with a great pair of Chelsea boots. Just like us girls, men can never have too many pairs of shoes. This grey suede pair from River island, are stylish, simple, and not overly expensive. So while you have the chance too, give your partner a style update this Christmas. 

So there you have it, 10 Very acceptable, fun, stylish and functional gift ideas for the men in your life. There is something for everyone so i hope this has helped and been useful for you. Ill be back on Sunday with a Gift guide of gifts under £20.

Thanks for reading my lovelies x


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